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Koi Keeper Unleashed 2.245

Unleash your Koi's potential with Koi Keeper Unleashed
2.245 (See all)
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Keep detailed records of your Koi and Ponds with the Koi Keeper Unleashed software application. Each Koi software application contains all you need to get you started with keeping detailed records of your Koi and Pond(s). Identify potential problems early by viewing historical data on your Pond's water quality. You can even transfer Koi data to and from other users of Koi Keeper Unleashed meaning a continuous detailed history for any Koi that moves from one user to another.

Koi Keeper Unleashed will give you invaluable tools all in one place. Not only can you keep records but Koi Keeper Unleashed is a great learning tool giving you information on a large number of subjects from the history of Koi to identifying and treating health issues.

Main Features:

- Koi Screen, allows you to keep detailed records for each individual Koi in your collection. This includes general details of your Koi, progress of your Koi, health issues that your Koi encounters and details of showing your Koi. There is also a really neat feature whereby you can import and export Koi data. This means if you sell or give away a Koi to another user of Koi Keeper Unleashed, the new owner can import that data to have a complete history of that koi!!

- Pond Screen, allows you to keep detailed records of your pond(s). This includes the basic information on pond capacity and construction cost. You can also enter data for your pond's filtration and ancillary equipment. You can record details of all your water parameter tests and there is also a screen to allow you to record details of any maintenance you carry out. There is also a screen that allows to calculate the daily feed allowance for your pond depending on pond temperature and pond stocking levels. You can create multiple feed plans and you can even import or export these plans allowing you to share data with your fellow Koi Keeper Unleashed users.

- Koi Information Screen, gives you detailed information on the History of Koi, descriptions of Koi varieties, a koi glossary, a koi breeders map, a koi gene tree and also a printable A5 size koi varieties and koi glossary pamphlet.

- Pond Information Screen, gives you detailed information on pond construction and filtration. There is also a pond calculator screen that will give you the pond capacity based on the pond's dimensions and will also show you the dosage levels for the most common pond treatments. You will also be shown an estimated maximum recommended stocking level for the pond entered.

- Koi Health Screen, gives you information on how to prevent health issues, how to spot koi that may have a health issue. There is a screen that gives basic information on the most common diseases visible to the naked eye. There is a detailed section on parasites, how to spot them and treat them. There is a detailed section on infections, how to spot them and treat them.

- Reports Screen, gives you access to a number of reports where you can view and print historical data about your Koi and Ponds. There are a number of reports in graph format the are particularly useful for detecting trends in water quality at a glance.

- Gallery Screen, allows you to create albums and add images to Koi Keeper Unleashed. Keep a record of your pond construction project or the success of your koi at koi shows. Each image can have a description added and each image can be printed.

- News, Articles And Interviews Screen, is a constantly updated page in Koi Keeper Unleashed that will give the latest news about the Koi industry.

System Requirements:
- Windows XP / Vista / 7.
- .Net 2.0, supplied with the installation.
- Pentium IV 2.0Mhz cpu or better.
- 1GB ram or better.
- At least 100mb of available hard drive space.
- Minumum screen resolution of 1024 x 768.
- Adobe Acrobat Reader 8.0 or better, available from the acrobat reader website.

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